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Stability Test Chamber Manufacturer / Supplier / Exporter

Stability Test Chamber Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers

HMG ® Test Chambers are developed as a result of intensive R & D, and confirming international standards, our offering services are Calibration, validation and comply IQ, OQ, and PQ protocols.*

HMG ® chambers are specialized designed to carry out stability & shelf list test on drug & drugs substance according ICH guidelines.

Conditioning of samples.
Accelerated shelf life studies.
Stability testing for Drugs & Pharma industries.
Climate conditioning.
Defense and Aerospace industries.
Testing electronic/ Electrical components as per IS, IES, JSS, & Mil standards.

As per GMP* guidelines for long duration test.
Control Accuracy of temperature & humidity.
Uniformity of conditions through out the chamber.
Direct display of humidity in % RH.
Pt 100 sensor for dry / wet bulb or capacitance type humidity sensor available.
Printer interface compatibility.
PC interface with RS 232-C / or RS-485 for multiple networking of controller.
Built in high / low conditions alarm.
Low water level cut off device.
Complete stainless steel chamber also available.

Inner S. Steel heavy gauge, outer CRCA powder and coated finish.
PUF in-situ foam about 3" thick.
Viewing window (Std) / full view inner door. ( To select while ordering. )
Castor Wheel for easy movability.
High efficiency Refrigeration system (CFC Free)*
Humidity Injection System with low water level cut off.
Microprocessor based controller with PID action for Dry/Wet, Direc % RH, safety alarm.

Control system with inbuilt temp. deviation audio video alarm.
A wet heater safety device.
A dry heater safety device.
Individual HRC fuses for Compressor, Air heater, Wet Heater and Mains.
Validation : HMH Offers Validation Protocols for DQ, IQ, OQ & PQ Documentation complete with reports, calibration and test certificates. 
Stability Test Chamber Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers

  P PID Controller with direct % RH setting
    (Pt 100 Sensor for Dry / Wet or Capacitance sensor.)
P PID Controller - do - but with Printer Interface ( centronic port ) HETC_P
P P PID Controller - do - but with PC Interface through RS 232-C/RS 485
   for multiple networking
P PID Profile Controller for Ramp / Soak for cyclic applications. HETC_PRO

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